Lysečiny, Czech Republic, 6 – 10 of December 2023,

The Department of Mathematic Analysis Charles University cordially invite you to join our workshop GeoCa 23 on Geometric Analysis and Calculus of Variations in Lysečiny. We aim to bring together leading minds in the field (complete with their bodies) and young researchers in a relaxed, informal environment conducive of forging new scientific colaborations.


Preliminary list of invited speakers - to be completed


    Anna Balci • Bielefeld University, Germany
    Antonin Češík • Charles University, Czechia
    Nicola Fusco • University of Naples Federico II, Italy
    Stanislav Hencl • Charles University, Czech Republic
    Christopher Irving • Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany
    Malte Kampschulte • Charles University, Czechia
    Stefan Krömer • Czech Academy of Sciences, Czechia
    Anastasia Molchanova • University of Vienna, Austria
    Antonella Nastasi • University of Palermo , Italy
    Lubos Pick • Charles University, Czech Republic
    Tomáš Roskovec • University of South Bohemia, Czechia
    Julian Scheuer • Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany
    Lenka Slavíková • Charles University, Czechia
    Filip Soudsky • Technical University Liberec, Czechia
    Jakub Takáč • University of Warwick, United Kingdon

Conference fee

The conference fee is 10000 CZK. Alternatively, it is possible to pay 400 Euros, which is approximately the same amount. The fee is be paid by transfer. Details for the payment will be provided to participants by email after registration and after paying a reciept of payment is sent. The organizers have a limited amount of funds to support participants who would need it to cover the fee. If this applies to you, please write an email to the organizers at The conference fee covers accommodation and meals as well as the social dinner.

Venue, Transport and Social Program

The workshop GeoCa will take place in Horní Lysečiny in Rýchorské hory, Czech Republic (GPS: 50°40'45.563"N, 15°49'59.393"E). The organizers will help organize transport to the remote conference site. Accomodation will be in the Lysečinky mountain chalets and the surrounding area. There will also be a rich social program (hog roast, music and sauna).

Central Planning Committee

Daniel Campbell, chair Charles University (Prague);